3 Truths Satan Doesn’t Want You to Know


Ever since the slippery serpent tempted Eve, Satan’s favourite tactic has been deception. If you’ve already accepted Jesus as your Saviour, Satan knows he can’t steal your soul. But he can do his best to ruin your testimony, destroy your life, and make you miserable. 

Read on to learn 3 truths that Satan doesn’t want you to know.

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What Jonah Teaches Us About Obedience

Most of us are familiar with the story of the reluctant prophet Jonah. When God commanded him to preach repentance to the people of Nineveh, he refused. Instead, he boarded a ship sailing in the opposite direction. Through a series of remarkable events, Jonah found himself in the belly of a great fish for three days and three nights. Needless to say, Jonah realized the error of his ways, confessed his rebellion, and pleaded for God’s intervention. The great fish spit out Noah safely on shore, and he lost no time taking the next boat to Nineveh. 

What can we learn from Jonah’s life? Here are 3 timeless truths about obedience.

3 Ways God Rewards Our Obedience

The generosity of God continues to amaze me.
He didn’t just send Christ to die for our sins.
He didn’t just offer forgiveness and adoption into His family as a son or daughter.
He didn’t just give us grace, freedom from sin and guilt, and power to live godly lives.
He didn’t just send the Holy Spirit to train, guide, and empower us.
If He had stopped there, we would already be blessed beyond measure. 
But He has done much more! God gives us commands to obey in the Bible.
He also promises rewards for obedience!
Let’s discover 3 generous rewards that God loves to give His people.