God’s Will: Is It a Mystery?

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Is God’s will a mystery? Has God locked His blueprints in a solid oak chest and buried them on a Caribbean island? Perhaps He encrypted His plans in a triple-password-protected software program. Or He could have recorded His will on a parchment scroll and stashed it safely in a Roman catacomb. How can we discover the wishes, even the plans, of the Almighty One? Can mere man catch a glimpse of such things? Where can we find the will of God? Let’s delve into Scripture to discover the answer.


The Secret Meaning of Charisma


What is charisma? Pundits proclaim of a jaded actress or a polished senator, “She just has charisma!” To them, charisma is a magnetic attraction or appeal. The person they describe attracts others by a pleasing attitude, appearance, and speech. Is this the original meaning of the word charisma? How does the Bible use the word charisma? You may be surprised to learn that, if you are a child of God, you have charisma! Let’s dig into the Word to discover more.


Does God Make New Year’s Resolutions?

As we enter the New Year, many of us have made resolutions for change. Perhaps we have resolved to hit the gym regularly, be more faithful in our devotions, or drink more Starbucks. (Just kidding about that last one!) For us, change can be a beneficial process.
What is beneficial change? How is that different from detrimental change? Join us at our church in Sydney Mines to learn more about healthy change for better lives.
But what about God? Does God need to change? Do you think He makes New Year’s resolutions?