Cape Breton Kids Enjoy Fun Run at Cantley Village Park

According to the Cantley Village Recreation Association, “a playground is something everyone should enjoy, whether they use their feet, wheelchair, braces or other modes of transport!” At our church in Sydney Mines, we couldn’t agree more! Their dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly over four years to raise funds for a fully accessible playground. It’s the first of its kind in Cape Breton! Last Saturday, they held a Grand Opening and Kids Fun Run at the Cantley Village Park. 

Read on to find out more at the Kids Fun Run at Cantley Village Park.

Where was it held?

The Kids Fun Run and Grand Opening were held at the Cantley Village Park in Coxheath, Cape Breton County. The park is located between Keefe Avenue, McKinley Drive, MacKenzie Drive, and Doyle Avenue. Parking is available on the street. 

When did it happen?

Each June, the Park Association holds a Summer Kickoff and Kids Fun Run. It’s an awesome way to encourage kids to be active and provide a place for families to find new friends. In the past, this event has focused on fundraising for the accessible park. This year, the park was already completed, so it was a free run for kids! The 2019 Kids Fun Run was held on June 23, 2019.

first accessible playground in Cape Breton, rainbow over playground

Who were the sponsors for the Kids Fun Run?

This year, Mallard Electric Inc. sponsored a free BBQ for all participants and families. The Coxheath Volunteer Fire Department was on hand to run the BBQ (and put out any fires!) and Boston Pizza provided meal coupons for runners. Sydney Credit Union, one of the many organizations who generously supported the playground project with monetary sponsorship, was on hand with balloons, door prizes and its Fat Cat mascot. In addition, kids who participated in the race received a Cantley Village Park t-shirt.

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When did the Cantley Village Park playground open?

After fundraising for 4 years and raising over $225,000, the Village Park accessible playground opened in September 2018. The playground’s official Grand Opening happened last weekend, with about 150 people in attendance. The organizers are grateful for community support and excited to see how it will benefit local children with disabilities.

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For More Information:

If you’re looking for more information or want to know how you can help, just send a message to Cantley Village Park on Facebook

Let’s Chat:

Have you ever visited the Cantley Village Park? At our church in Sydney Mines, we think it’s an awesome project. What a wonderful way to support families in Cape Breton!


Have you heard of the Cantley Village Park before? Join the friendly church family of Northside Baptist Church on Sundays at 11:00 am. 

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Claudine Broussard is a Cape Breton based musician, the social media director of, and coauthor of Seeking Jesus: Stepping Into a Life of Bold Surrender, Freedom, and Deep Joy.