Joining a church isn’t the same as buying a membership in a club.
Churches are different.
Churches are families.
That means love, care, and commitment.
People join a church because of a common set of beliefs and goals.

So, what should you know about becoming a part of Northside Baptist Church?

Well, a couple of things. 
First, we will treat you like you belong – before you choose to join us!
You’re welcome to take part in our church services, Bible Studies, and activities. 
You will be welcomed with friendly smiles and open hearts.
In short…
We like people and would be happy to have you spend some time with us “checking us out.”
Second, we will not push you into anything you aren’t ready for. We believe that God should lead in a person’s life. We each learn and grow at our own pace.
So, take a swing by to visit and worship with us together next Sunday morning at 11:00! We look forward to meeting you!