It’s Not About Us – It’s About Him

At Northside, our desire is to lift up Jesus Christ and introduce others to Him.
We believe that people who have the most fulfilling and joyful lives can be described with these words…

“For the Glory of God and the Benefit of Someone Else.”

At our church, we aren’t perfect. Far from it! But we believe that God’s Word has the answers and help that we need.
So we study the Bible, practice what we learn, and, in the process, grow together. 

Weekly Schedule

Preaching/Teaching Service – 11:00 AM
Children’s Sunday School – 11:00 AM
Thursday Afternoon
Bible Study – 1:15 PM
Youth Group – After School

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God Created You To Sing

Before the beginning of time, there were songs. When the Lord laid the foundations of the earth, “the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy…” (Job 38:7) 

Ever since Genesis, creation has sung an anthem of praise to its Maker. Tiny songbirds, pounding waterfalls, towering cliffs—all of these shout the glory of God. Songs of worship resonate through the halls of heaven. 

Yet the most precious of songs is one that God bends down from Heaven to hear.


Summer Reading Series: Excerpt from Of Storms and Sunshine

Written by Dr. L. Allen Homan, Of Storms and Sunshine is a collection of poetry. It includes poems about the Christian life, our walk with the Lord, evangelism, and much more.

Dr. L. Allen Homan was born and raised among the corn fields of rural Michigan, USA. After marrying his love, Jerrie, he moved his small family to serve Jesus Christ as a missionary in Canada. Since that time, he has ministered in some of the largest and most rural churches in Canada. His life has been one of committed, loving sacrifice for his family, friends, and Saviour.


Summer Reading Series: Excerpt from Created for Eden

Written by E. Neal Cameron, Created for Eden is a Bible study focusing on the story of Cain. Describing how Cain wandered away from the Lord, the author encourages the reader to walk more closely with the Lord.

E. Neal Cameron and his wife have served Christ in Canada and on the foreign mission field for 26 years. Along with the writing ministry God has given Neal, he continues to be involved in pastoral work and conference speaking in eastern Canada.

Eden was the land where God had placed Adam and Eve. It was here that they lived in harmony and intimacy with God and His purpose for their lives. In the Garden of Eden, Cain and his parents had experienced the fullness of God’s purpose until sin destroyed their fellowship.

The word “Eden” in the Hebrew language means “pleasure.” God placed Adam, Eve, and their children in the Garden of Pleasure and Delight. There is something very incredible about this. By placing Adam and Eve in “Eden,” God was showing them His purpose for their lives. God wanted to bless them and fill them with delight and satisfaction. He filled their lives with good things and chose to enter a deep and intimate relationship with them. There could be no greater satisfaction and fulfillment for them.

Though undeserved, Eden is God’s desire for His people. He longs to satisfy the deepest desire of your heart. He longs to become the greatest delight and pleasure you can ever know. His desire from the beginning of time was that we live in the Garden of Delight and Pleasure experiencing the fullness He has for us. He longs to fill us, and knows exactly what will bring us the greatest pleasure and delight.

God gives us many wonderful things in this world in which we can take delight. To limit pleasure to the things of this world, however, is to seriously misunderstand the fullness and satisfaction God wants to bring. He can fill us with more delight than anything this world could ever give. Our greatest pleasures will not be in what this world gives but in our Creator.

Only He can satisfy the true longing of our souls.

We do not deserve the fullness God wants to give. I fail daily in my walk with God–saying and doing things that displease Him. Were it not for His forgiveness and grace, I would have no hope. Although I am undeserving of God’s fullness, He created me to enjoy Him and find full delight and satisfaction in Him. I dare not add to my rebellion the sin of refusing to enter into this fullness.

To refuse the fullness of Eden is to be content with far less than He intends. It is also to sin against His purpose. I will never reach my potential as His servant if I do not learn to live in the fullness of His blessing and enabling.

Are we experiencing the delights of Eden today? Are we walking in the intimacy God desires for us? We were created for pleasure in God and His purpose. Have we settled for something less?
Are you walking with God and enjoying His blessings today? Learn more about God each week by worshipping with the friendly church family of Northside Baptist Church – Sundays at 11:00 am.
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