It’s Not About Us – It’s About Him

At Northside, our desire is to lift up Jesus Christ and introduce others to Him.
We believe that people who have the most fulfilling and joyful lives can be described with these words…

“For the Glory of God and the Benefit of Someone Else.”

At our church, we aren’t perfect. Far from it! But we believe that God’s Word has the answers and help that we need.
So we study the Bible, practice what we learn, and, in the process, grow together. 

Weekly Schedule

Adult Sunday School – 10:30 AM
Preaching/Teaching Service – 11: 30AM
Thursday Afternoon
Bible Study – 3:30 PM

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Community Events: Book, Plant, and Garage Sale at McConnell Library

Are you searching for new books for your summer reading list? Do you have a pile of unwanted items but no time to hold a garage sale? We’ve got great news for you! This Saturday, June 8, the McConnell Library in Sydney is holding their annual One Day Sale. It’s the perfect place to find new books—or to donate your garage sale items for a good cause. 

Read on for what’s happening at the McConnell Library’s One Day Sale this weekend…


Community Event: Caleb’s Cape Breton Kitchen Party

cancer fundraiser in Cape Breton, Caleb's Cape Breton Kitchen Party

One of the most difficult words a parent can ever hear are, “I’m sorry, but your child has been diagnosed with cancer.” Cancer is the number one cause of non-accidental death in Canadian children. But that doesn’t make it any easier. In Cape Breton, we have many young families who are fighting cancer. At our church in North Sydney, we know a few of them. Today, we’re proud to feature a family whose loss didn’t stop them from serving other families affected by cancer.

Here’s the inspiring story of Caleb’s Cape Breton Kitchen Party.


Capers Raise Thousands for Cape Breton Cancer Centre

Cape Breton news, Cape Breton events

Here at Northside, we’re excited to start featuring good news stories from our local community. Today, we’re kicking things off with the New Harris Run, Walk, or Crawl. This annual fun run is a fantastic way to support cancer patients and their families right here in Cape Breton. 

Read on to learn how Capers just raised thousands of dollars in the New Harris Run, Walk, or Crawl.


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