Top 3 Reasons to Go to Bible Conferences


Challenging Preaching from the Word of God
Bible conferences always have fabulous preaching, often from several different speakers. Some conferences choose a theme, such as “Walking in the Old Paths.” Each speaker interprets the theme in a fresh way, which really broadens your understanding! We can be inspired to apply the Bible to our lives in new ways. Our hearts can be refreshed by hearing so much truth in a short amount of time. Often, I have left a conference feeling so much closer to Jesus than when I arrived. Preaching is definitely the central focus and such a huge blessing at Bible conferences.

Fellowship with Other Christians
At Bible conferences, we meet such a broad range of Christians, from every age group and social stratum. Meeting believers is wonderful because we have an instant common ground in Christ. If you’re on His side, you’re family to me! We can encourage one another spiritually, pray for one another, and develop relationships that go beyond conference times. At a Bible conference, you can also meet people who can help with your local ministry. Much good can be done when individuals from one church volunteer to serve in outreach and maintenance/building projects at sister churches. In fellowshipping with others, we can learn from their successes (and failures) and benefit from their wisdom. We can share Christian resources  with each other that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. At Bible conferences, we can encourage fellow believers and form valuable ministry friendships.

A Greater Vision
When you are standing in a packed conference room singing “When We All Get to Heaven,” and the rafters are trembling just a bit, you get a little glimpse into the reality of what Heaven will be like. In Heaven, we will get to fellowship with Jesus and our brothers and sisters forever. This truth encourages you to pursue fellowship now, too. You also realize that you are not the only ones serving God. Others are struggling, working, serving, praying–in little churches, just like yours. This truth encourages you to be faithful. You realize that God really does have a lot of people. And He can use them to do pretty awesome things. You are just a little cog in the mighty wheel of His church. This truth encourages you to be available for His plan. At a Bible conference, you don’t just get to see awesome people. You get to see an amazing God!

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