Why You Need the Oil of Joy: Part Two

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Last week, we learned that Jesus came not only to save us, but also to give with the oil of joy. Why does God compare joy to oil? Just as oil gives us physical energy, joy gives us the strength we need to be faithful. Just as oil is necessary for beauty, joy gives beauty to the one who wears it. Real joy attracts others to us and, through us, to Jesus. But joy also blesses us in other amazing ways.Today, we will discover the final two reasons you need the oil of joy.

3) Like oil, joy lubricates and smooths the rough patches in the road. 

In many industries, oil is used to lubricate machinery. This prevents friction and maintains moving parts in good condition.

In our relationships, joy smooths the rough places. When others nitpick about needles in haystacks, joy enables us to smile and forgive. Joy spills over from our hearts to touch the lives of others. When our hearts overflow with joy, we have a greater capacity to empathize with souls who lack joy. We catch a glimpse of the struggling heart behind the sharp words and sour face. Joy enables us to reach out to them in love. Since we have enough and to spare, we can share Christ’s love with them.

4) Like oil, joy helps us endure trials.

When we barbecue foods or cook them at high temperatures, we coat them in oil. Oil prevents food from burning even at high temperature and enhances its natural flavour. Similarly, joy helps us endure trials. When we face the flames of testing, joy prevents us from going up in smoke. Joy encourages our hearts. When we find joy in the Lord Jesus, it doesn’t matter if we are mocked by the world, abandoned by friends, and attacked by demons. Joy gives us hope. No matter what the enemy does, God will win. He will always take care of us! Joy gives us God’s mighty strength so we can press on.

Is your life filled with the oil of joy? If not, now is the perfect time to begin! Start obeying God with joy right now. Joy can give us the strength we need to be faithful. It clothes us with an unfading beauty. Joy smooths our relationships and makes them sweet. It also prevents us from going up in smoke when we face difficult trials. Joy is a wonderful gift of God! Let’s ask Jesus to fill our hearts with joy and rejoice in His goodness to us.


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